This Burrito Holder Is A Must-Have For Food Fans

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Have you ever felt like burritos get cold too fast? Or maybe they are too messy? Lo and behold – the burrito holder is here to save the planet, your time and your burrito!

Keep Burritos safe with the Burrito Holder


We look forward to the day when Burrito Pops, the first ever burrito holder, becomes a part of everyone’s life. While not everyone might take it seriously, it made over $35,000 on Kickstarter. That’s way over the original goal of $10,000! Madelin Woods, inventor and creator of the product, calls Burrito Pop “the best thing to happen to burritos since foil.”

But as any burrito lover can tell you, foil doesn’t always get the job done! Burrito Pop, essentially a thermos for your burrito, can keep the process of eating one of the best foods ever simple, quick and clean.

But before you rush to the website, know that if you love massive burritos, you might have a little trouble — maybe. “Not all burritos are created equal, and some are huge, the Burrito Pop was made for burritos 3.5” in diameter, which we found to be the largest size available from most burrito makers. If you happen to be in possession of one larger than that, you’ll need to take a few vertical bites around the side to squeeze it into your Burrito Pop. Something tells us that won’t be a problem for you…” Woods said.

The Burrito Pop: Now Live


If you’re thinking of getting a Burrito Pop, the Kickstarter has now ended. Fear not, though! You can order one on the company’s website. “I backed out because my gf is an ER nurse and rarely gets time to sit down and eat her whole lunch. Chipotle is her favorite because it’s so close and I always got a cold from the leaky piece of tin foil she would bring in when you get home from work,” said one shopper. What a great idea! We’re sure you can think of many other ways to use this incredible product.

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