This special street in Bari, Italy will give you a unique glimpse into the past

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Most people who travel to Italy will probably start with Rome, and then perhaps go to Florence and then Venice. While these cities are absolutely incredible, Italy’s other amazing cities are often overlooked, which is a real shame. Bari is the capital of the Puglia region and the second largest city in southern Italy after Naples.

Bari, Italy

This coastal town has a lot to offer, including beautiful scenery, a rich history and of course, delicious local food. A certain street is truly extraordinary and will give you a truly unique look into the life of this incredible city.

One of Bari’s main attractions is the Basilica San Nicola, the main church located right in the center of Bari Vecchia, or the old town of Bari. The church houses the 12th century remains of Saint Nicholas, better known to most of us as Santa Claus, after being brought from what is now modern Turkey in 1087. The interior of the church is absolutely breathtaking and if you wish to visit, remember that most churches in Italy require modest clothing to enter.

Basilica San Nicola

Basilica San Nicola

Speaking of Bari Vecchia or Old Town, what makes this city so special is its heart. Wandering alleys and cobbled streets are what make Bari perfect for wandering, getting lost and realizing the history. Get yourself a delicious, strong coffee and take time to eat the piazza and do some people watching.

To get the true meaning of the area, you must sample the local cuisine and if you want to go truly authentic, you must visit Grandma’s. Specifically, you should head to Via Arco Basso, informally known as Strada delle Orechiate. Here you’ll find women sitting in their doorways, making orecchiette pasta by hand across the street. Best of all, you can even buy pasta directly from them. You’ll get an old world taste while enjoying delicious, freshly made pasta.

Strada Delle Orecchiette

Strada Delle Orecchiette

While you’re at it you can also try the tarali they make, which are seriously delicious crackers made with flour, olive oil, white wine and salt.

If you want to enjoy a unique restaurant, you can go to Maria delle Sagaglioze. This place may seem neutral and it may be strange that there is no menu However, you are soon greeted with plates of food prepared by Maria, the matriarch of the family who does all the cooking herself.

Here you can sample local dishes including riso patate e cozze, which is rice with mussels and potatoes, authentic di fave e cicoriel, which is a fava bean puree made with chicory, sgagliozze, which is fried polenta, and of course, orecchiette.

Maria delle Sagaglioze

Maria delle Sagaglioze

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