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Hannah Brown and her boyfriend Adam Woolard may be the ideal couple of our time who put a different perspective on one of the most beloved abodes of all time: Home. Shortly after going out for a year, the lovebirds move into their Santa Monica home. “House is on the other side of a building. It is a abode of feelings and emotions, ”says the Bachelorette star while talking about her intriguing home in Santa Monica.

Wonder Wall / The apartment has an ideal sea view and is located in a quiet place.

From a bird’s eye view, the house is located in the heart of mother nature. Surrounded by an all-blue sea, this heavenly dwelling sees the sun rising softly and setting with a gloomy tone. “Watching the sun early in the morning and at sunset is the most wholesome feeling here in Santa Monica,” she claims. It’s a quiet place to live. Filled with glittering lights, surrounded by a set of heterogeneous natural colors, and of course a breathtaking sea view.

The Bachelorette Star wants to “make everyone feel at home” in the Santa Monica home

MSN / Both Hannah and Woolard love to party and invite friends over for dinner.

Another fluctuating perspective Hannah has about her Santa Monica home is that she wants “every visitor who walks into the home to feel at home.” She claims: “Comfort is our first priority when we look at the house holistically. We intend to not only make this house look good, but to be comfortable enough to live in. We want everyone who walks into the house to feel at home. ”

Likewise, the lovebirds left no stone unturned to make the house cozy. Every inch of the property fits perfectly with the nature that surrounds the home. It is pertinent to mention here that both Woolard and Hannah like to invite guests and friends into the house. It is therefore a must to make it comfortable for every visitor.

News Unzip / Woolard and Hannah are some of the rare couples who move into a house after dating for a short time.

The Alabama native added: “Woolard and I want to use this amazing place to relax and socialize. At the same time, we both enjoy partying, chatting with friends, and are more inclined to be together. Not in a perfectionist way, but we want everything that makes the house exuberant and comfortable – both for us and our guests. So that everyone can join us and enjoy life here in Santa Monica. ”

The gloomy sunset and the soothing breeze of the sea are a treat for the eyes from the balcony of the house. Hannah concludes by saying that this place is not only ideal for the lovebirds and their guests. Rather, it is also an ideal tranquil place to look after their puppy, Wally.

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