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Do you love good food and want to find more ways to become more environmentally friendly towards the planet? Well, Too Good To Go may soon be your new favorite app! The app sells leftovers from restaurants, minimizes food waste and supports local businesses. Read on to find out more …

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No questions: Too Good To Go has many goals it wants to achieve. But the biggest? Save our planet, one food order at a time. How are they going to do that? By selling surplus food from restaurants that need to get rid of it. Instead of throwing it away, they’ll send you the savings! “Our app is the most direct way for you to get involved – just download, log in and save perfect, good surplus food from your local stores,” it says on the official website. “It is always a surprise and an immediate good deed for the planet.”

Now available in more than 13 cities across the United States, including New York, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago and more, the app has partnered with more than 6,000 restaurants and grocery stores! The app not only helps you save money, it supports local restaurants from losing money, which strengthens the economy. “We give our partners the opportunity to make additional profits, at the same time as we are exposed to new customers and become a player in the sustainability agenda,” explains Too Good To Go.

In the future, Too Good To Go wants to move into even more parts of the food supply chain and help stop food waste at all levels. But for now, the app will continue to focus on restaurants. To date, the company has helped save over 35 million meals from ending up in the trash. This is really good, because almost 40% of all food bought by restaurants ends up in the garbage either by the expiration date, food left on plates, uneaten leftovers and the like. Too Good To Go hopes to be able to lower that figure by a large margin!

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toogoodtogo.usa / Instagram

Okay, so no questions asked, Too Good To Go sounds like a great app. But we know what you’re wondering: how does it hold up in reality? Well, Angela L. Pagán and Dennis Lee from Takeout tested the app and its offerings. The two food writers first tried a cafe, where they managed to buy two Halloween remnants of cupcakes and a beignet for only $ 3.99, as well as a few other places.

“The upcoming surprise bags I received were quite rewarding and since I decided that the content would cover me for the following day, I ended up with much more than I even needed,” Pagán wrote. “For only $ 7.98, I got five different muffins, a croissant and two soft drinks from a cafe that was about a 10 minute bus ride away.”

Still, while the offerings and food are fantastic, the app developers are clear: this is not perfect for everyday meals. At least not yet. “Usually, many of our partners will list their surprise bags for the next day immediately after the pickup window closes,” she added. Many restaurants also give out leftovers after closing, based on what they have available. But with a little planning, you can undoubtedly change the way you eat, while saving the planet, all thanks to Too Good To Go!

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