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Last month, two happy workers at a restaurant in Arkansas received a huge tip. However, one of them is no longer celebrating. You see, the waitress was fired immediately after earning the lucky sums and even today, her bosses will not say why …

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Grant Wise, an entrepreneur in the city of Bentonville, Arkansas, did something incredible last month while eating at The Oven and Tap Restaurant: he gave two waitresses $ 4,400 in tips! One of the waitresses in question, Ryan Brandt, thought she would share the tip with her co-worker and have a nice vacation. Unfortunately, that was not exactly what happened …

“I was definitely just in shock and overwhelmed with joy and gratitude in that moment as soon as I realized what he was saying,” Brandt said. There is even an emotionally charged video, where Wise presents the tip to the waitress, which immediately brings tears of joy. A perfect holiday story, right? Well, not so fast. When Brandt returned to the employees’ area, the owners of the Furnace and Crane, Mollie Mullis and Luke Wetzel, took the money from her. It is right! An hour later, they told Brandt that she could only keep 20%.

“I was told that I would hand over my money to my shift manager and I would take home 20%,” Brandt explained. “Coming back and finding out I did not keep it was a bit disappointing because we do not share tips in any way.” And she should know, she’s worked there for over three years! But Mollie Mullis and Luke Wetzel had other opinions …

Waitress fired for no reason

Waitress fired after receiving massive tips Christmas 2021

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At the same time, Mullis and Wetzel have a different view of things. “We commend the organization who dined with us and generously gave to our staff. They have an absolute right to drink whoever they want, and we respected that request,” the shareholders said in a statement. But they say that tip-sharing has always been part of their practice. In addition, “[Wise and his guests] did not call in advance and ask about our drinking policy, nor did they send an email, “Mullis explained.” Because of the customer’s request, we honored it and distributed it to the servers to whom they asked us to distribute it. “

But Brandt does not agree. “They kicked me out of Oven and Tap over the phone, and I’ve been there for 3.5 years, and it was really heartbreaking,” she said. “Especially because I did not think I was doing anything wrong.”

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. First, Brandt left with her fair share of the money, even though she had to leave the restaurant. At the same time, it did not affect the other waitress’ income. “Because we feel like the entire staff worked so hard that night to serve a large party of 32 people, we handed out about $ 7,000 in extra compensation to the rest of the team from tonight’s workout to make sure they know their hard work as well. appreciated, “said the co-owners. Finally, Wise started a GoFundMe site for Brandt. In just one day, it has already raised over $ 8,700.

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