What Is Veganism And How Did It Change A Chef’s Life

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When you hear the phrase vegan, you may conjure up images of tofu and Tofurki, as well as fresh vegetables and legumes. But did you know that veganism is more than just a diet? The growing vegan movement focuses on the goal of causing as little damage to our ecosystem as possible. For this purpose, devotees refrain from wearing certain types of clothes and activities, as well as from eating certain foods.

What is a vegan diet?

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Veganism is described as a lifestyle that seeks to eliminate all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty, whether for food, clothing or otherwise. As a result, a vegan diet avoids all animal products, including meat, eggs, and dairy. People choose a vegan diet for a variety of reasons. These generally vary from ethical to environmental, but they can also be driven by a desire to improve one’s health.

Going vegan is the “single biggest approach” to reducing your environmental impact, according to research from the University of Oxford. That’s before you consider the ethical concerns against eating factory-farmed animals that have a miserable quality of life and are often filled with powerful antibiotics that can endanger human health.

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One of the most visible developments associated with the growth of veganism is the increase in vegan foods. Almost all products traditionally made from animal by-products, such as cheese, milk, meat and eggs, now have vegan substitutes. This increase in availability has been fueled by the growing number of vegans in the United States; One survey found a 300 percent increase in the number of people identifying as vegan between 2004 and 2019.

A vegan diet saved a life

Micah Altidore, award-winning vegan baker and author of the Chasing Vegan cookbook, is making a difference in her neighborhood and across the country by sharing her story of how a plant-based diet saved her life. Altidore and his friend Victor Munoz are spreading the word about how a plant-based diet can dramatically improve your health.

Altidor’s journey began more than a decade ago. Altidor was in great demand as a stylist. She was courted by media outlets across the country as she wowed celebrities with her legendary jewelry collection that featured statement pieces coveted by celebrities.

Most of the time he was quickly bent over in acute stomach distress. He worked relentlessly to build his business while rationalizing his state of discomfort.

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Altidore found herself at the doctor, unable to ignore the excruciating pain any longer, to learn that three huge tumors were developing on the outside of her uterus. That’s when the game changed and he knew he had to make a choice. She began adopting a vegan lifestyle by exploring a plant-based lifestyle. A few years later, Altidore’s health has improved dramatically without surgery, and he now lives with tumors that are almost gone. Altidore emphasizes. “It was a mind shift and an intentional way of living.”

The vegetarian bakery is born

After his recovery, Altidore and his partner Victor Munoz realized they needed to make a difference in the central Florida neighborhood. “We felt we needed to provide our community with vegan alternatives that taste great.” Altidore entered his next project, Victor and Mika’s Bakery, with his creative flare. This delectable cake, pastry and savory delights company is headquartered in Winter Haven, Florida.

Victor & Mika’s Bakery is now a vital part of the community and the county’s only vegetarian bakery. The baking duo is now sharing their inspirational tale with their new cookbook, Chasing Vegan , available on Amazon. The couple works diligently with philanthropic groups like Meals-Not-Bombs, Orlando, where they provide delicious food to those in need in their community. This dynamic team has been seen on the front lines of the epidemic, serving cakes, pastries and vegetarian menus to local hospital staff.

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