Which foods to favor during menstruation?

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during a period of time Menstruation We often feel uncomfortable and want to stay in bed. Even worse for those who have painful periods . However, you should know that the way we eat, especially our diet, can have effects on our food PMS . Therefore, preferring some foods over others can help you with your period better . But what are these foods that should be preferred during menstruation?

Fruits and vegetables

when we have periods We have an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach. This sensation can be compared to discomfort in the digestive system. So, to remedy this, consider eating a lot more fruit than usual. Eating a good portion of fresh fruit every day during your period can significantly reduce digestive discomfort.

In addition, vegetables should also be preferred, especially green ones. These foods are generally high in fiber, B vitamins, and iron. So they make it possible to reduce digestive disorders, but also prevent the risk of fatigue that we can feel during it periods and iron deficiency. You should also know that fruits and vegetables have other benefits on the body.

Lentils and oily fish

Oily fish is a food rich in omega-3 fatty acids. However, the latter is known to be an effective anti-inflammatory. Thus, eating fatty fish during menstruation relieves menstrual pain. Among the most common fatty fish, we can mention: sardines, salmon and mackerel. If you do not like fish, you can also take oil and flaxseeds, as they are also rich in omega 3.

Lentils are also one of the foods you can choose from during your menstrual cycle. In fact, lentils can be a substitute for red meat (especially for vegetarians or vegans). Lentils are known to be rich in iron. Therefore, its consumption during Menstrual period It can prevent the risk of iron deficiency. Alternatively, pumpkin seeds, spinach, and Brussels sprouts can be great alternatives, too.

Almonds and whole grains

As for almonds, they are vegetable proteins rich in magnesium. As a result, almonds help fight severe fatigue. In addition, almonds also promote muscle relaxation and serotonin production. This plant-based protein will keep you in a good mood. You can use almonds as a snack and eat 15-20 daily. For their effect to be effective, choose whole, unpeeled almonds.

On the other hand, whole grains are rich in fiber. They will then regulate our digestive system and work, at the same time, to keep us in good shape. This is because whole grains also contain vitamins and minerals that aid in energy production. In short, you can eat whole wheat, quinoa or even wild rice for a better supply of whole grains.

To summarize, these are the favorite foods during your period. Of course, do not forget to consume a good amount of water to avoid water retention and thus bloating. Also consider engaging in gentle physical activities such as walking even while exercising interval . This will help you Live the rules better .

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