Why smell is important: how to make your house smell divine

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Why smell is important: how to make your house smell divine

Many people don’t seem to think too much about how their home smells, but it makes such a big difference. Making your home as comfortable and enjoyable as possible is a habit we can all acquire and thank for in the long run. It is said that the scent is actually part of the design of the home, not just an afterthought. The design is designed to involve as many senses as possible to complete an atmosphere that is pleasing to both the eye and the senses. After all, smell is the strongest link to emotions, feelings, and even memories, making it incredibly influential. Lately, however, people have started catching and using scents as part of their home decorating. When you think about it, a fragrant room has the power to create a specific mood and ambience. Which means the scent that best suits your space is just as important as the furniture you choose.

Advantages of home perfumery

We already know how scent has a huge impact on our experiences. Smells are processed in the olfactory cortex of the limbic system of the brain, which is close to the area where emotions, memories and feelings are stored. Simply put, smells provoke emotional reactions. When we first experience a certain scent, the brain automatically associates it with the events, people, and emotions of that time. So when you walk into a room with a scent, one of two things can happen: if the scent is familiar, old memories will reappear. If the scent is new, new memories will be created.

Effects on mood

Many studies have shown that smell has a significant effect on a person’s mood. Odorless placebo tests were conducted where subjects were told they were given pleasant odors even though they did not smell anything. Although their moods changed little, when respondents were able to smell a pleasant scent, the positive effects were much more significant. Now that you know how important scents are at home, the question remains: what scents do you use in each space?

Different scents for different spaces

There are so many ways to smell a room. You have almost endless possibilities. Whether you want stronger scents, more subtle or something in between, you can find what is right for you and your home. There are factors to consider when choosing a fragrance such as pets, children and ventilation. When choosing the fragrance you want to use, take into account how it will harmonize with the environment and make sure that they complement the mood you have in the design. Just as furniture is carefully chosen to flatter other pieces, the smell is the same. Think about how different scents will work together in different rooms in your home. For example, fresh and clean scents are best in the kitchen. Soothing and warm scents are perfect for the bedroom as they create a relaxing ambience. The flowers are beautiful in powder rooms because smaller spaces work best with fresh scents.

How to incorporate fragrance into your home

There are many different ways to add fragrance to your home. From scented candles to diffusers, essential oils and even sprays, the option is not lacking. Whichever method you choose, use it in a way that improves the feeling of cleanliness. Don’t let that burden the feeling of the room.

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