Would you like a bottle of this 1695-year-old wine?

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Over the years, humans have actually discovered quite a few preserved foods. Now historians have found him one of the oldest ever. How about a sip of a bottle of 1695-year-old wine? However, you definitely don’t want to take a sip. It’s not the reason you think, so read on to find out why…

1695 year old wine bottle

1695 year old wine bottle

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Now in a German museum, historians recently discovered the oldest unopened wine bottle dating to 1695 years. Created in 325 AD by the Romans, this bottle is a great insight into history. The wine is a red wine, Romerwein au Speyer.

But don’t get me wrong. Some wines get better with age, but not this one. This wine may be fascinating to look at and study, but you definitely don’t want to drink it. But it’s probably not for the reasons you think. In fact, scientists think this wine is actually safe to drink. Now, will it taste good? That’s a whole other matter. If you like solid wine, this is the bottle for you. Scientists couldn’t check without opening the bottle, and the museum doesn’t allow it, but they believe it likely turned into a sludge-like substance. not.

The museum doesn’t allow anyone to open the bottle, so all anyone can do is wonder what it would feel like to get drunk from a bottle of wine that dates back to 1695. Some clues can be found in ancient food…

Other old wine bottles

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If you’re looking for old wine and have a lot of money, there are a few bottles you can pick up to take you back in time through the glass. It ranks as one of the oldest bottles the average person can buy and sells for $300,000.Those who have tried it call it “perfect” and say it features “caramelization” Note with pepper and spices. Now imagine the price of 325 Romerwein au Speyer. You won’t be able to try the oldest wines, but once quarantine is over, anyone interested can travel to Germany and visit the Palatinate Museum. Bottle stands proudly in his one of the rooms. It befits the location that it has suffered no damage over the centuries.

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