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If you’re someone who likes to watch movie theaters, you’ll be glad to know that the house appeared in the 90’s horror movie, The silence of the lambsis for rent now.

John Barr / link | Horror fan and art director Chris Rowan bought the famous house in Silence of the Lambs in early 2021, and he is now opening it to fans

Horror fan, art director and prop artist for movies, Chris Rowan, bought the Buffalo Bill’s home (located in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania) in early 2021 for $ 290,000. After spending more than three months renovating the three-story, four-story home, Rowan turned it into a fan hotspot! From now on it offers overnight accommodation, fan tours and special events such as weddings (only if you naturally want a gothic one!).

Here’s what you can do more on the spot.

Rowan explains it all

In a press release held to announce the rent, Rowan said he offered fans an opportunity to stay at Buffalo Bill’s home for a few days, or even a week, and fulfill all their fantasies. . He revealed that visitors can book the venue for a maximum of eight people at a time and use the main entrance (the same venue where Clarice (Jodie Foster) and Buffalo Bill (Ted Levine) meet for the first time) around the house to enter. They can also enjoy all kinds of artwork inside, including portraits from the movie and those sent by fans. ICYDK, over the years, fans have submitted many oil portraits of Buffalo Bill and Clarice, including a framed lifelike deathhead moth piece. Since Rowan did not want to waste those creations, he took them into space.

Buffalo Bill’s House / YouTube | Rowan said he offered fans a chance to stay at Buffalo Bill’s home for a few days

If you are considering getting a look at the house, the most impressive thing you can enjoy is the basement. Rowan recreated the space in the basement where Bill Catherine was trapped in the movie and called it “Buffalo Bill’s Workshop of Horrors.” He added a vintage Singer sewing machine, a disco ball, a pair of dressed female mannequins, a full-length mirror, and of course Bill’s distinctive Kimono dress for the guests’ use.

Another interesting thing Rowan did was adjust Bill’s playroom. As you climb up the basement and into the attic, you will find a retro-inspired playroom. Loaded with 80s and 90s movies on DVD and VHS, this room features a large TV for guests’ entertainment. It also offers games like Pac-Man, Crazy Taxi, Galaga, Asteroids, NBA Jam and Super Street Fighter for game nights and fun times. On top of all these action-packed games, there is also a combination pool and air hockey table.

If you keep all the creepy stuff aside, there are also many fascinating things at home. The 1910 house boasts hardwood oak floors, fireplaces, light works and several sliding doors. It also boasts a pool in the ground that will open in 2022.

Buffalo Bill’s House / YouTube | Besides the creepy stuff, there are also many fascinating things at home

So what’s your plan?

We are sure that you have already understood how beautiful and unique this space is. Well, we can not wait to get a real look at the house as soon as possible. What about you?

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